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Intelligence :  Allocortex and Juxtallocortex Vs. Neopallium

Important Homo sapiens behavioural components like traits of dominance, control of rage, automatic motivation, mood fluctuations and adaptations, anxiety, appreciation of  socio-sexual patterns, stress induced compulsive behaviour, all have a contributory link from and partially attributed to the phylogenetically oldest part of the cerebral cortex.

The system of interlocking structures in the brain consist of an inner archipallium forming the allocortex and an outer mesopallium shaping the juxtallocortex both of which are encapsulated in a very well developed neopallium thus forming the characteristic outlay of human brain over other species.

This sculpting of a higher proportion of Neocortex over the limbic system is in-essence providing the perfect brain architecture for the much culturally expected dominance of intellectual brain function over non-civilised behaviour especially at moments of high demand in various social situations, eg. moments of crisis, position of responsibility, peer pressure, long term rational and strategic perspective, self management and interpersonal correlation.

This leaves us --- or at least the prepared ones among us ! ---  with extensive brain potential to find intelligent, well thought through solutions and more importantly the ability for adaptation and mid-way modulation to difficult problems rather than disorganised, inappropriate knee-jerk responses with no room for further readjustment !!!

However an interesting peculiarity of this limbic neuronal circuit is its disproportionately prolonged after-discharge in response to distinctly primitive stimuli: for durations  much extended beyond the original cause: leaving even an intellectual response vulnerable to "relapse" despite an initial appropriation.

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