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Attention Span: Polysynaptic Neuronal premise

In brain, the performance of attention demanding tasks is highly dependent on the phylogenetic core of the brain stem made up of a loose cluster of interlocked neuronal mesh.

This caudal well connected region forms a polysynaptic reticular activating system of modulatory neuronal fibers playing direct and indirect roles in an amazing wide range of activities from cardiovascular and respiratory rhythmic function to postural and muscular tone to alert states and consciousness and arousal.

With extensive connections to more rostral primary cerebral areas ie olfactory, tactile and auditory, it mediates a primitive nonspecific, yet very important function:

Hence it can be coequally aroused by stimuli from various modalities.

What is most interesting is that as opposed to the traditional concept of Thalamic nuclei’s "Universal Relay"  to higher centers,

This region boasts the only bypass pathway to the Neocortex: diffusely projecting to Forebrain while itself keeping an active alternate contact with the thalamus!!!

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